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Are you looking for job specific training for your corporation or industry?  We have a number of specialized training packages.  We can help you with your specific industrial safety issues.  We train your industry following OSHA and DOT standards and safety.  Call us for information on compliance training.

 Don’t see your service here?  We train all areas of industry and business:  Call us 763-477-5766

CORPORATE TRAINING: Training for all corporate sites, from Hairdressing salons to the major hotel chains, the training is geared for your use and we even add some information that will make you say WOW

Industrial Education:
For the diverse manufacturing industry. From Printing to Food service issues.  OSHA approved training. First Responder training available customized to industry. Wide variety of packages to meet your particular plant needs.

Construction Workers / Site Managers:
Great training in your field. Scenarios based on site operations and accidents that could occur with or without machinery and tools.

Linemen and Tree Trimmers:
Training geared to electrical safety and direct wound care for those injuries that may occur in your service.

Dental / Medical Office Personnel:
Our customized CPR/AED training will meet your association’s guidelines. http://www.osha.gov/Publications/osha3187.pdf  

Daycare Providers, preschool and the PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM:
Pediatric CPR / First Aid training meets state requirements for your ongoing license renewal. Home and care centers are taught with safety training specific to your site and population.

Assisted Living, LTC and Group Homes:
Our training will be home specific with direction of care to your special population.  Just let us know wht your needs are and we will train your staff accordingly.

Police/Fire Personnel:
First Responder initial and refresher training to meet your busy schedules. Small groups welcome. EMSRB/POST accredited training. We can also give training seminars, (i.e. Blood Borne Pathogens), for your department’s monthly training! Please call for details.

Security Officers and Agencies/civilians with handguns:
This training is for those who carry fire arms and need their training directed for the purpose of stabilization of the wounded, or for those who will be in the public and may be involved with a medical emergency. CPR/AED included in the training for public security and officers with fire arms.  

We are also proud to be in partnership with one of the leaders in gun safety and protection/safety training for civilians and agencies in the state of minnesota.  Please visit Protective Realm’s web site for great training possiblities in your area! 

WWW.PROTECTIVEREALM.COM  or email Jim Owens at: JOwens@ProtectiveRealm.com

Scout Leaders, Camp Leaders:
The course is taught with specifications and recommendations for outdoor/indoor safety and “thinking on your feet” first aid. Going to the jamboree and need training now? Wilderness training for the scout leaders. Special rates. This training is BSA approved through the ECSI institute.

Church Groups:
We can train your willing volunteers. Would you like to train your men or women’s groups? We will give you great training with little stress.

Campers, Travelers, Outback Explorers:
Basic Wilderness safety and first aid is geared to using “what you can get” for emergencies.

Family Training:
We will train you in CPR and basic first aid that is easy to learn and can be used anywhere.


Let us come to your facility and train your customers!  e-mail Shannon at classes@americancprandsafety.com and you’ve taken the first step for your client’s pets safety. this training is certified through the American Heart Association and the National Safety Council, it follows DOT standards and OSHA regulations.