Our CPR Courses – Browse Certification Types

Please note, classes are in english, however, we can get spanish manuals for students, just ask!

Healthcare Provider:   3 hours  Certificate given

teaches Adult/child/infant/AED/BVM/neonate/2 person cpr/choking for all ages.

Audience:   EMT’s/ Nursing students/Nurses/physicians/ Police/fire/ Dental offices/ Chiropractors/ Orthodontists/ Orthopedists/ Opthalmologists and many more.

Heart Saver/AED:  3 hours    Certificate given

Adult or Child or Infant CPR or all three!/ AED/Choking for adult/child/infant or all three.

Audience:   business/industry/ schools/daycare/construction/public/ yoga instructors/physical fitness instructors and more.

Pediatric CPR and First Aid course:  6 hours    Certificate given

teaches Child and Infant CPR and Choking/ AED/ Basic First Aid

Audience:   Daycare license/public schools.

Family & Friends CPR courseNO certificate given

teaches Adult/child or infant CPR and Choking plus AED use.

Audience:  Groups who do not wish certification, but would like the knowledge.

Heart Saver CPR (no AED):    Certificate given

teaches Adult CPR/Choking only

Audience:  Industry and business not wishing to train in AED use.