Our Courses

Be prepared and be in compliance.
Learn the skills to maintain the life of a victim until emergency medical personnel arrive.
Our standard First Aid/CPR/AED training meets all OSHA and DOT safety requirements for training, Minnesota State Board of Nursing demonstration of skill requirement. It also meets /exceeds the requirements for Hennepin County pediatric care providers.
First Aid Training covers the basics: breathing emergencies, sudden illness and injury, bleeding and preventing disease transmission and more.
The CPR/AED portion covers basic life support, with and without the AED. It also covers emergency scene assessment, CPR and rescue breathing and choking.
The AED segment covers operating characteristics of  the AED and shows you proper precautions and maintenance techniques. Upon your course completion, you will receive your certificates.

  • We provide training in American Heart Association.
    Our clients will gain the confidence needed to be able to use their skills in an emergency.
    Choose from the following courses: Don’t see yours? CALL US!

• Heart Saver/ AED CPR
• Pediatric CPR and/or First Aid
• Family and friends CPR/ first Aid training
• Adult CPR, initial or refresher
• Healthcare Provider CPR
• AHA CPR Instructor course

Group course training:

AWAIRE, Right to know, Lockout/tagout

Blood Borne Pathogens standards
Industry and business first response team training
AHA Basic First Aid training

First Responder 40 hour course and refresher training
NSC Wilderness First Aid training

Not sure which one your group should take? Call us and we can help!

The CPR courses can be combined with our customized First Aid training for business and industry.