News shaking baby syndrome

Written By: American CPR & Safety | Published On: 3rd November 2011

Please click on the above link to watch news regarding Issah. Traumatic Brain injuries from Shaking Baby Syndrome happen all too often in our nation. Please be aware…. Parents and care providers can link to many web sites to watch FREE training videos regarding this dreaded problem. This Syndrome can be prevented with education and understanding of your limits regarding you and your child or someone else’s that you may be taking care of!
With our nation under duress financially and each of us having more pressure upon us to survive this economy, stress needs to have an outlet. Don’t let this happen to a child in your care. There are many ways to handle a stress situation than injuring an innocent child. Take a class, understand, teach your family and friends and take action to protect our upcoming generations.
With high hopes of recovery Issah!