Why should I choose your training institute for my training?

We are recognized as an education directed facility.  We work with you so you may gain vital information for your safety and others.  CPR, AED and our safety courses along with our specialized training will be brought to you by instructors who have the background experience. We have instructors that that work within the OSHA regulated fields.  And of course, our emergency network.

Do you have instructors that have actually done CPR?

YES!  We all have.  WE are trained EMT’s, nurses, or firefighters with our local Emergency Services.  Some of us have retired and some are still active in EMS.  This is why we can share vital information that you need to know in an emergency.

What makes your company stand out from the rest?

Our instructors have the natural ability to keep students interested in the subjects they teach.  They want to share their knowledge to help others. They all have many years of education.

We have one to one training for those who feel uncomfortable in a classroom environment.

We’ve been there, felt that, know what it is to be scared, worried, and most of all helpful!  We want to share this with you.

How can I be sure that the training I will get is the training I want and need?

We evaluate your needs.  We ask the questions. We even do site evaluations for businesses and industry when needed.  This makes us aware of your particular needs and desires in educating your employees and yourself.  There are many students out there with certifications from on line programs that are not accepted.  Our training is to the point, the student’s time is not wasted and the certification cards are ALWAYS accepted by everyone!

Have another question?  Contact us at classes@americancprandsafety.com